Imagine Anassa

An Ultimate Oasis

Anassa's name and inspiration arise from the Ancient Greek word for queen and our aim is to treat you like royalty. 

From glorious, enchanting accommodations to great food, wine, and cocktails, we guarantee to stand out for our shimmering quality and attention to detail.

After a day spent exploring the Old Town, picturesque beaches, remote villages, ancient ruins, or hiking vibrant hillsides, we make it easy to slip back into a regal state of mind in your 

Anassa sanctuary.

Our History

Our waterside building is centrally located on the Old Harbor, the secular and spiritual heart of Chania Crete. Built by the Venetians in the late 17th century, it was the center for public meetings and scholarly debate among politicians and aristocrats.  


In the late 19th century, Chania was the capital of an independent Crete and the Old Harbor was the location of embassies and consulates, alongside cafes and hotels. Our building was one of six three-story structures comprising the famous Grand Hotel de France. 


A fire in the 1930’s wiped out all six buildings which were then rebuilt as individual single-story units.  Our structure changed hands a few times from 1936 to 1951 when the Vailakis family purchased the property and turned it into a soda and beer bottling factory.


As the tourism industry blossomed in Chania, the building became home to the Zeus Art and Clothing store in 1972. 


Fast forward to 2021 – after a multiyear construction effort, second and third generation Vailakis family members from New York City came back to their ancestral home to open Anassa, newly restored to its former three-story glory. 


Reborn and reimagined centuries after the Venetians left, Anassa is ready for your visit.

Katherine Vailakis-Tsamasiros and Efstratia Tsamasiros proudly invite you to enjoy food, drink, and slumber in our beautiful space. 


A visit with us will heighten your experience in the inspirational heart of Chania